Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Benefits of Professionalism (7th Post)

Be it any kind of work one does – whether personal, business, job, or any form of occupation – it should be based on professionalism. This is what I believe at this stage of my life and career. Several experienced old time entrepreneurs, unaware of the tenets of ‘professionalism’, were unable to practice it; and I was one among them. 

In 1984, I got into social work, and for eighteen years, listening to what my heart told me, I worked passionately and with complete integrity on several social issues. It was only in 2002 that I realized that professionalism is important and necessary in order to bring in the highest degree of competency and efficacy. I thus began to professionalize my work as a social entrepreneur, and now, after nearly 9 years, am enjoying its fruits.

Changing over from traditional amateur methods, to professional processes with changed mindsets, has not been easy. It has been a very complex and difficult process that required tremendous patience, perseverance, a continuous reflection and a strict follow-up.

Although plain ignorance made me wait for nearly 18 years, before professionalizing my work, I am happy that the current techno savvy younger generation, on account of better exposure to wider learning opportunities would not have to wait as I had to. The entire country, I would say, thus looks forward to very crucial contributions from these young ‘professionals’, for its progress.  

- Shantilal Muttha


  1. Wise decision taken at the right time 10 years back to adapt to professionalism. The seeds that you sowed 10 years back are showing the results and i am a witness to this.

  2. As a professional in training, it has been rewarding for me to work with the BJS, since August 2005, on its various training programs for trustees, principals and teachers of educational institutions.

    I am also happy that Mr Muttha, at the head of BJS, has learnt the lesson of incorporating 'training' as an essential aspect in ALL of its programs.

    The vice versa also holds good. Professionals like me learn about social commitment, focus, perseverance, sacrifice and humility, while working with dedicated social entrepreneurs like Mr Muttha.

    - Joseph M. Pinto, Pune.