Saturday, 23 March 2013

Fifth Post

Sukhi Parivaar, Pragati ka Adhar” – (meaning - “Happy Family is the Foundation for Progress”), was the theme of BJS’ National Conference 2009. I strongly believe in this statement, and feel that every family should be ‘happy’.

Family has been considered as the smallest ‘cell’ of the society that performs vital functions of nurture, care, growth and survival of a human being. As an ‘institution’ it follows certain rules and norms; its members are assigned roles and responsibilities; and they relate, communicate with each other.

It shoulders the important responsibility of creating a new generation that is healthy. For this to happen, relationships within the family have to be cordial and harmonious, it has to cherish values that promote well-being of all, and other such factors.

In my 27 years of experience in working in the domain of social development, I have had the opportunity to probe into issues/ problems within families. With the several changes in society – technological, economical, etc., the nature of the family is also changing. The bonding between family members has loosened and relationships have become fragile. We are posed with several questions, and resolution of issues is becoming more and more difficult.

I propose to throw light on these questions that I am posed with, and propose to share my own thoughts about it. I will write on these on my next blog spots and discuss as we go along. I am extremely  eager to know your thoughts on them, so please do not forget to read my blog tomorrow. Do give your comments on this blog as well.

- Shantilal Muttha

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  1. Having somewhere to go is Home.
    Having someone to love is Family..
    Having both is a Blessing