Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Second Post

I am extremely happy to share this piece of news with you!

Two days ago, Shri Manohar Parrikar, Hon’able Chief Minister, Government of Goa, presented his Budget Speech – for the year 2013-14. Among other items, he announced several steps that the government would take in for improving the situation of education.

He referred to BJS and its two initiatives for improving school education quality – “Value Education” initiative (BJS’ Mulyavardhan’), and the “Continuous Evaluation System- CES” (BJS’ Assessment and Accreditation System); and that they be run in Goa schools as well. Please refer page 17 point 38 of the Budget speech at :

Goa Chief Minister invited me about three months ago, seeking information on the two above mentioned initiatives. He also appointed a special officer to study all related documents and understand them. Based on this, the Goa CM has made the above declaration.

I am extremely happy that the BJS-team’s hard work of the last 27 years, is bearing fruits.

I will keep you posted on the progress.

- Shantilal Muttha


  1. Really happy to note
    Also nice to note BJS found mention in ncert's
    Education for Values in Schools – A Framework
    will be more useful if you publish more details
    Sushil Dhariwal

  2. Mulyavardan is going to be such a powerful tool for the coming generation that it will change the complete scenario & attitude of children in terms of family values, ethics, moral, approach towards life, culture and many more. Kindly highlight and focus more on this subject in your subsequent blogs as you have taken lot of pain & efforts in formulating Mulyavardan.

  3. happy that i did during my tenure with BJS lead the very first School Accreditation team at Goa.. nice to note the initial efforts have taken further root towards the aim of quality education in entire Goa state

  4. Did not know you had started to blog, Mr Muttha...but now a great way for us to remain connected with what is happening with BJS. Even though I left the company a few years ago, I have been keeping track on FB about fresh developments in the organization. I am happy to read that the Chief Minister of Goa is looking at Mulyavardan, which is the need of the hour and the accreditation program. Many years went into visiting schools in Goa and writing reports. The BJS team from Goa hopes all its hard work will see fruition to improve the education system here which is in the doldrums.
    Please keep blogging and giving us updates of what is to come.
    I do hope you are keeping well.
    Warm regards
    Diana Charles

  5. dear sir,
    mulyavardhan is for the state board/cbse board,like if some one have already started a cbse school whether he can add this mulyavardhan as a syllabus/it should be a state board,it would be great if you can give a fair idea about that any private schools can use/only for govt aided & govt schools.

  6. Excellent efforts of entire team aiming to achieve a common goal...congratulations!