Monday, 25 March 2013

Sixth Post

In order to bring relief to thousands of helpless cattle struck by the severe drought in Maharashtra, I prepared an action plan for establishing 21 Chhaavnis (cattle shelters) for accommodating about 10,000 animals temporarily, for a period of 4 months. Apart from money, running the Chhaavnis requires special technical know-how and management skills – and this was the biggest challenge for me.  It struck me that there exist severalPaanjarpols/  Goshalas run by various organizations, who could help me in overcoming this challenge; for example: those initiated by Mahtama Gandhi decades ago, those who believe in Vinobha Bhave’s  philosophy, those run by Jain institutions etc.,

In a week’s time, I was able to identify about 350 such Paanjarpols/  Goshalas in Maharashtra that are operated with complete devotion and commitment; and some of whom have a history of over 10 to 15 decades.  At a short notice of 4 days, I called an urgent meeting of its owners on 25.03.2013, and nearly 100 of them participated.

The meeting that went on for the whole day, proved to be extremely fruitful. The meeting provided me with valuable technical guidelines for proceeding with my commitment. Also, several of them volunteered to shoulder crucial responsibilities - and I have been able to overcome the biggest obstacle – of running the shelters efficiently.

I realize that it is deep thought, great passion, and yearning to achieve ones dreams, is what lead us to discover ways and means of overcoming obstacles, however big they are. Thinking alone, however deep it may be, will not lead one to a solution; but action together with deep thinking does!

- Shantilal Muttha

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  1. Idea of calling meeting of owners of Paanjarpols/Goshalas is really great !!!. it is just out of Box !!!