Friday, 22 March 2013

Fourth Post

Now that I am opening up my personal thoughts with you, I cannot proceed without introducing the driving force of my life - MY FAMILY. Theirs has indeed been a huge contribution to what I am today – and is it not so with you?

My solid support is my wife Sarala, a native of Ambejogai in Beed district. I truly admire her management acumen and skills.  In the 35 years of married life, she has very sensitively, affectionately, skillfully, intelligently and wisely, managed the entire household, especially its web of relationships. She has been a binding force within and across the four generations that she has unconditionally tended - from my father to my grand children.

Very often, women’s work when confined within the four walls of the home tends to remain “invisible”. I now write on this blog, to bring her qualities and contribution to your attention, and express my gratitude to her.

My son Sameer, aged 35 years, a Commerce Graduate, is into real-estate business. He married Neha, a native from Jalna, on 10th May 2005. They have two sons - Neil (8 yrs), and Shourya (5 yrs).  My daughter, Sonali, aged 33 years, is a Commerce Graduate, and married Vaibhav Chordia on 9th Dec 2001. They have a daughter - Arya (9yrs), and a son - Arhan (6yrs) and they all live in Pune.

It is truly fulfilling to have such a family, who are doing well and living happily; and I consider myself very fortunate. Don’t you believe that a happy family is the richest source of positive energy?   - I do!

Without their cooperation I would not have been able to undertake the enormous challenges of BJS, for making a difference in society.

- Shantilal Muttha


  1. I agree sir, happy family is the richest source of positive energy, this is the Mantra of your vision, this is the mantra of OUR BJS. My salute to your family.

  2. Behind Every Successful Man There Is A Woman !!!

  3. Driven by positive force of family you could spread your fragrance and you could get extended family not only in the Country but around the Globe. Really all of your family members deserve all congratulation for keeping up your spirit to offer and nurture you to continue with such social cause. May God bless them all!!

    -Ashok Bhansali.