Thursday, 21 March 2013

Third Post

For over ten years, my friends and BJS fellow members have been pushing me to make use of technology and internet-based social-networking, for furthering the work of BJS. However, without giving serious thought to their advice, I just dismissed the idea and neglected it for 10 long years. 

However, now I realize that I have missed a great - real great opportunity. Had I made attempts to be more techno-savvy, more members would have been added to my existing large network, and my friends would have multiplied.  The quantum of work that I have done consistently in the last 27 years through BJS has been huge. However, technology would have enabled me to increase my activities multifold. 

But, Now.. ‘Better Late Than Never’ -  with this realization and without wasting any more time, I am now extremely happy to be active on face book and blog, and would make effective use of modern technology. I wish to keep chatting with you and remain connected. 

The lesson that I learnt: Every advice or suggestion brings with it opportunities. One ought to keep ones ‘eyes’, ‘ears’ and more essentially ‘minds’ open.

One should not turn a deaf ear to suggestions, and opinions of others..
Else, ‘Golden’ opportunities may be LOST!

- Shantilal Muttha


  1. My dear SGM Sir,

    Yes better late than never. I too did not use the Internet, despite my students asking me to. Finally when I did the response was enormous. I found many of my students and even class-mates from school in the 1960s, whom I thought I would never see.

    Thank you again sir, for this bold decision. I am sure you will enjoy yourself chatting with people, who are inspired by first your work and then you (strictly in that order!!!)

    Peace and love,
    - Joe.

  2. Any change and new ways of doing things have inertia. I am glad that seniors like you are now easily accessible to all generations and available 24x7 across the world to get connected with.

    I wish you all the best in this initiative and would be happy to contribute.

    Best wishes,

  3. Good to see you on internet social networking
    Yes. I agree With you. We should keep our Panchendriya always open
    Would like to contribute. but don't know what exactly we can contribute with our current background. Your advice will help us in this regard
    Thanks one again
    Sushil Dhariwal

  4. I fully agree & appreciate what you have mentioned. It is the greatest quality of a man no matter how big/small he is to listen to suggestions & advises irrespective of how big/ small is the person. Opportunities are always moving in front of you and it is you to decide & Grab the right one at the right time. This is called a perfect sense of humour.